Social Escort Job Description – What Do They Do?

If you have always wanted to know what real social escorts in Singapore do for their work, read on. Yes, contrary to popular belief, they exist in Singapore, and I mean legitimate local Singaporean ones, not foreign prostitutes masquerading as an escort when they really are just illegal immigrant sex workers.

Social escorts are actually very good looking women, who are hired by men to follow them to social events or to act as their pretend girlfriend for a date. Most clients engage escorts as a companion and pretend girlfriend. Most of these men are very powerful and successful men in their careers, but did not have time nor effort to date when they were younger. Now, they are mostly in their 30s to 40s, and want to enjoy the companionship of a younger, beautiful woman.

If you are interested in finding out more about social escorts or perhaps considering working as one, then check out the documentary below.

Now, if you are a client instead, and if you want social escort services in Singapore, then check out

Working As A Social Escort Model In Singapore

Here’s an indepth interview of a local social escort (name and voice obviously changed to protect privacy) living and working in Singapore. This is usually a pretty interesting industry because it’s highly lucrative, and yet because of the highly culturally conservative nature of Singapore’s society, few people dare to talk about it in public.

For those who are curious about working as a social escort, like I was, then make sure to watch the above video! It’s definitely a much more interesting video than Gangnam Style in my opinion.

Anyway, in my opinion, it’s just like any other job…. except that it pays around 10-15 times better ūüėČ

Anyway, check out if you want a job as a social escort model in Singapore.

5 Romantic (& hidden) places to bring your date in Singapore

I like having privacy when I’m dating, and not feel like the whole world is looking at me and my girl. Therefore, I have always worked to find out romantic and less frequented places in Singapore to bring my dates to! Here are some of the romantic local locations which I think is ideal for you to bring your girl to date in Singapore.

  1. Singapore Flyer (on a clear day)
    Although it costs a decent amount of money to book out one entire capsule/cabin, it’s well worth the cost to do so for a romantic dinner. It’s a pretty unique idea, and good thing is that it shows off you’re rich to the girl without being over the top!
  2. St John island beaches
    Take a romantic walk and feel like you took a tour without having to fork out your passport and several hundred dollar bills. It’s a cheap place to go to, and definitely very quiet.
  3. Esplanade Roof Garden
    Although it isn’t very quiet due to the traffic downstairs, it’s definitely a pretty unique place to bring your date to. Obviously, you only want to go here in the evenings, and preferably on a cool day, as it’s really warm to be there in the day time.
  4. Keppel Bay
    All the better if you also have a gigantic luxury yacht there, but anyways, it’s a great place to bring a date to, as it’s really quiet and luxurious. It is also definitely much more accessible than Sentosa Cove’s yacht parking area. Besides, there are some quiet areas there as well as nice restaurants.
  5. Yishun dam and Lower Seletar Reservoir
    This is definitely a great place to go to if you have a car. This is because it’s quite out of the way for all kinds of public transport but it’s a really tranquil and romantic dating place for you and your girl. Just take note to go here only in the late afternoons and early evenings, as it’s really hot there without any shelter in the late morning or early afternoon.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a hot girl to go on a date with, simply engage a social escort like like what I like to do.

Experience Of Dating A Social Escort Model In Singapore

If you’re considering to hire a social escort agency, then wait! Read my post on common FAQS on social escort services in Singapore first.

If you want to hear my experience about dating a social escort in Singapore, then read the following article:

random hot singaporean girl
Random hot singaporean girl

The very first time I engaged a social escort, I was actually pretty nervous. However, my friends who have engaged professional ones from SG VIP Escorts before told me that they were definitely among the best in the world, and that a professional social escort model knows exactly how to talk to you and are great conversationalists. This way, you will never have awkward silences or feel weird when you meet them as they are mostly very friendly and animated.

However, before I met the first social escort I ever engaged, I was still nervous. But thankfully, what my friends said were true, and that a professional escort really puts you at ease instantly and I felt like I was just meeting my girlfriend and not a random girl on the street.

Anyway, so what happens is that you’ll usually be asked to meet the girl at a public place first. Keep in mind that a social escort is not a prostitute. So what I usually do is just to treat her like my girlfriend, and go somewhere fancy for quick meal (though I usually just prefer drinks). She’ll dress up quite well for the occasion (depending whether I want her to dress formal or casual). Additionally, a professional Singaporean escort model won’t even look like an escort model. In fact, the best kind of social escorts I personally like are models who feel like my girlfriend if I go out with them in public. That way, you will never feel awkward like is the case when you meet prostitutes. Keep in mind I have never engaged a social escort who is not Singaporean, so I’m not sure about foreigners, but I like Singaporean girls, so, whatever.

Anyway, obviously because I paid a lot for her, I usually try to get ‘lucky’ with her. Of course, I’ll offer her more money if she doesn’t want to, but I have to say that agencies strictly warn me that this is not part of their services, and their models are strictly told not to do it.

But I realize it’s entirely between me and the girl, which it honestly is. So whenever I’m feeling like it, I offer up to $1000, and some models will accept and we happily do it on our own accord. But I have to warn you before you guys get too happy – it’s not part of their service, and they’re not at fault for outright rejecting you. It’s just like how some real estate agents have sexual relationships with their clients, but it’s obviously nothing to do with their actual job, and it’s just something they are persuaded to do, outside of their job scope, between two consenting adults.

Life As A Social Escort – From The POV Of A Customer

After my super long first post, I shall write a shorter post here because I’m feeling tired. Anyway, many people also have questions about working as an escort. Although I obviously do not have prior experience working as a social escort in Singapore because I’m not a girl, I can tell you from a customer’s point of view.

First of all, I never actually¬†know how the girl’s full face looks like before I meet her in real life. Singapore agencies are very strict about protecting the girls’ privacy, and you’re only allowed to view whatever photographs you see on their website if you scroll through. So this probably means that if you’re an escort with a legit agency, they’ll definitely protect your identity.

Second of all, I have strong reason to believe that the escort models’ names are all fake names to protect their privacy. Never once have I been able to find their names based on the names they gave me on social media.

Third of all, the photographs shown on the websites are usually not seen elsewhere. I believe it’s either all photographs from a new photoshoot when the models sign up with the social escort agency or it’s photographs that these girls did not upload onto any of their current social media profiles.

Fourth of all, I’m also not provided with any contact details such as number for the girl. Everything has to be liaised with the agency. So far, at least most local agencies are ethical and don’t cheat me and that the girls did appear at my designated spot, and they look like their photographs (at least from their body). From a social escort worker’s point of view, it’s probably a good thing, because this means that most agencies in Singapore, if not all, will protect your contact details.

If you want a social escort job, you can try out SG VIP Escorts agency in Singapore –¬†check out their LinkedIn profile.¬†So far they’re one of my favorite agencies to use, and I presume that if their customer service is good, their human resource manager must be good and protective towards their girls as well.

Common FAQs About Singapore’s Social Escort Scene

Let me first give you¬†a quick introduction of myself before I move onto the following FAQs about Singapore’s social escort scene from both customer’s point of view, in case you’re wondering why I’m qualified to speak on it.

My name is Wei Long (obviously a pseudo name since this is online) and I’m a 40 years old Singaporean single man who’s working in my own business. I have 2 businesses and let’s just say that I make a comfortable amount of money (between the range of $20,000 to $50,000 monthly or more on certain months). I engage local only social escorts roughly around 2 times per month, and sometimes up to 3 or 4 times a month if I’m feeling rich and the escort I want is available for booking.

Alright, with that introduction, here’s FAQs:

  1. Where do you find your escort models in Singapore? I thought Singapore very conservative cannot find such things?
    Google la bro, Google. Google can give you answers to anything, including the websites of the social escort agencies. I stay clear of Laksaboy, because any Tom, Dick or Harry can post on it and generally speaking, it has a very dodgy feeling in my opinion. I don’t know if the girl I meet will be the same as the photographs so I steer clear of them. I usually just shop around on the individual agencies’ websites. There are only a few who specialize in local girls, so it’s not that hard and time consuming to shop around.
  2. How much do you pay on average to the model?
    I personally like to engage the model for around 3 hours. This will usually have enough time for a meal and other stuff. I personally have to meet the escort over a meal first, I’m not sure why but I like talking over meals. 3 hours for most Singaporean agencies will cost me around $1500 or so. Some are cheaper though, but most is between $1200 to $1800 for 3 hours. Keep in mind this is private date, I think most social escort agencies charge significantly more if you want to bring the girl to public events like the upcoming F1 event.
  3. What’s the experience like?
    Have you ever dated a pretty girl in Singapore before? Same feeling as that. I personally understand that social escorts are strictly not allowed to have sex with me, so I don’t usually try to mess around with that rule, though kissing e.t.c. is quite normal. There was only once where I had ‘fun’ with one of the social escorts, albeit this is on our own accord and not part of her service.I would say ah, if you have the money, go for it. Really shiok to bring around chio bus around the island of Singapore. Maybe because I worked so hard when I was young, so I didn’t had the chance to date many girls before. Now I’m richer I can afford to, it’s really shiok ah!
  4. What do you work as?
    Why you so KPO? It’s my private business. Thank you very much, let’s move on to the next question.
  5. Do you ever date the same model twice?
    I usually try to date different ones, but I have dated one particular model twice before because I liked her so much. Unfortunately she has already left the industry when I approached the girl again a few years ago.
  6. Do you have any recommended agencies in Singapore?
    Yes, if you want Singaporean girls, then I believe SG VIP Escorts Singapore is a good choice for you.
  7. Are there legal social escort agencies in Singapore? I want to engage a local escort model but then I am scared after listening to the news reporting customers, girls and the pimp getting caught.
    Lol, yes, there are several legal social escort agencies in Singapore. SG VIP Escorts which is my recommendation above is a legal and registered one. In fact, there are quite a number of registered social escort agencies in Singapore, but most close shop within 1 year because they cannot get customers, or they anyhow sell sexual services (illegal) of foreign ladies working on invalid VISAs (double illegal). From what I know, it’s usually safe as long as you engage a registered company + they only engage Singaporean or PR girls. Don’t mess with the foreign ladies. If the police finds out they’re not working on a valid work permit, you as the customer can also get into trouble.
  8. What do you look for in a social escort?
    What do you think? Looks. I mean, how else can you pick an escort online? And besides, I’m quite superficial, so I only like pretty girls no matter how good they are at talking lol.
  9. You got discount code?
    Bro, you think I own agency ah? I use their services only ahhahaa.
  10. Why do you use social escorts? Why not just get a girlfriend and marry? After all you’re quite old at 40 years old.
    Have you not heard of the saying that a man becomes a dragon when he’s 40 years old? I don’t want¬†emotional attachments for now. And besides, most girls similar to my age are either ugly and old or just married already. As for younger girls, as I’m not a looker, and if they don’t know I’m rich, I think it’s hard to get them as girlfriend.
  11. Do you have any interesting stories about the local girls?
    Not really, but I quite surprised. Most local girls who work as social escorts are mostly university graduates who are working to pay off their university bills.

THAT’S IT GUYS. 900 word article. Time for me to rest. Cya!!!!