Life As A Social Escort – From The POV Of A Customer

After my super long first post, I shall write a shorter post here because I’m feeling tired. Anyway, many people also have questions about working as an escort. Although I obviously do not have prior experience working as a social escort in Singapore because I’m not a girl, I can tell you from a customer’s point of view.

First of all, I never actually know how the girl’s full face looks like before I meet her in real life. Singapore agencies are very strict about protecting the girls’ privacy, and you’re only allowed to view whatever photographs you see on their website if you scroll through. So this probably means that if you’re an escort with a legit agency, they’ll definitely protect your identity.

Second of all, I have strong reason to believe that the escort models’ names are all fake names to protect their privacy. Never once have I been able to find their names based on the names they gave me on social media.

Third of all, the photographs shown on the websites are usually not seen elsewhere. I believe it’s either all photographs from a new photoshoot when the models sign up with the social escort agency or it’s photographs that these girls did not upload onto any of their current social media profiles.

Fourth of all, I’m also not provided with any contact details such as number for the girl. Everything has to be liaised with the agency. So far, at least most local agencies are ethical and don’t cheat me and that the girls did appear at my designated spot, and they look like their photographs (at least from their body). From a social escort worker’s point of view, it’s probably a good thing, because this means that most agencies in Singapore, if not all, will protect your contact details.

If you want a social escort job, you can try out SG VIP Escorts agency in Singapore – check out their LinkedIn profile. So far they’re one of my favorite agencies to use, and I presume that if their customer service is good, their human resource manager must be good and protective towards their girls as well.

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