Experience Of Dating A Social Escort Model In Singapore

If you’re considering to hire a social escort agency, then wait! Read my post on common FAQS on social escort services in Singapore first.

If you want to hear my experience about dating a social escort in Singapore, then read the following article:

random hot singaporean girl
Random hot singaporean girl

The very first time I engaged a social escort, I was actually pretty nervous. However, my friends who have engaged professional ones from SG VIP Escorts before told me that they were definitely among the best in the world, and that a professional social escort model knows exactly how to talk to you and are great conversationalists. This way, you will never have awkward silences or feel weird when you meet them as they are mostly very friendly and animated.

However, before I met the first social escort I ever engaged, I was still nervous. But thankfully, what my friends said were true, and that a professional escort really puts you at ease instantly and I felt like I was just meeting my girlfriend and not a random girl on the street.

Anyway, so what happens is that you’ll usually be asked to meet the girl at a public place first. Keep in mind that a social escort is not a prostitute. So what I usually do is just to treat her like my girlfriend, and go somewhere fancy for quick meal (though I usually just prefer drinks). She’ll dress up quite well for the occasion (depending whether I want her to dress formal or casual). Additionally, a professional Singaporean escort model won’t even look like an escort model. In fact, the best kind of social escorts I personally like are models who feel like my girlfriend if I go out with them in public. That way, you will never feel awkward like is the case when you meet prostitutes. Keep in mind I have never engaged a social escort who is not Singaporean, so I’m not sure about foreigners, but I like Singaporean girls, so, whatever.

Anyway, obviously because I paid a lot for her, I usually try to get ‘lucky’ with her. Of course, I’ll offer her more money if she doesn’t want to, but I have to say that agencies strictly warn me that this is not part of their services, and their models are strictly told not to do it.

But I realize it’s entirely between me and the girl, which it honestly is. So whenever I’m feeling like it, I offer up to $1000, and some models will accept and we happily do it on our own accord. But I have to warn you before you guys get too happy – it’s not part of their service, and they’re not at fault for outright rejecting you. It’s just like how some real estate agents have sexual relationships with their clients, but it’s obviously nothing to do with their actual job, and it’s just something they are persuaded to do, outside of their job scope, between two consenting adults.

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